Interested in buying a show potential puppy and showing him/her to their AKC Championship, but don’t know what’s involved?   Read on.

You can show the puppy yourself. You can attend handling classes in order to gain ring experience for yourself and your Bichon.  You will need to be able to groom your Bichon in a show cut or you will need to find someone else who would be willing to groom your Bichon for you.

Alternatively, you can retain the services of a professional handler. There are many handlers in the USA, and I can help you identify the ones who can groom and show Bichons. Most handlers will want the Bichon to live with them beginning a couple months before the first show until your Bichon attains its AKC Championship. This living arrangement allows the handler to bond with and gain the trust of  your Bichon, allows the handler to maintain your Bichon’s coat in the best possible show condition – all to afford your Bichon the best possible opportunity to obtain his/her AKC Championship in the most expeditious manner.

Each of the shows that your Bichon is entered in have an entry fee. These fees vary by show; however, an average entry fee might be approximately $30.00.

Depending on many factors, the time it takes your Bichon to “finish”, i.e. attain his/her AKC Championship, can vary widely.  However, an average time frame when showing consistently may be between 3 – 6 months.

Once your Bichon attains his/her AKC Championship, this Bichon becomes either your “foundation” Bichon upon which your breeding program is established or this Bichon is added into your existing breeding program.  You could also decide to “Special”/”Campaign” your champion Bichon which would be the next recognition step in the show world. You could “Special” your Bichon yourself; however, usually, a professional handler is retained to “Special” your Bichon.

No matter what happens after the champion is crowned, the road to the throne is fun and exciting. The “thrill of victory……..the agony of defeat” – these are the emotions you will experience at each show.  With each ribbon won, the pride you feel in your Bichon is a wonderful feeling.


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